Additional instructors will now be hired by the Teachers Service Commission for primary schools.

An additional 30,000 teachers have been hired under the direction of the Presidential Working Party on Education Reform at the junior secondary level.

This is due to the pupils’ residence being in primary schools rather than secondary institutions.

“MOE, KICD and TSC will work on modalities of fast-tracking retooling teachers to ensure the country has sufficient numbers who are compliant with CBC,” the report reads.

The team led by chairman Raphael Munavu also added that priority should be given to Grade 7 teachers during the hiring.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will provide detailed information about recruitment in the coming days. Priority will be given to tutors of Junior Secondary Schools.

The government also announced plans to construct classrooms and laboratories in all schools in the country.

“Members of Parliament are asked to work towards providing support for the extra facilities. Meanwhile, primary schools neighbouring secondary schools will share the laboratories and other facilities with junior secondary schools,” the statement added.

“Government will recruit an additional 30,000 teachers by January 2023 to facilitate the transition and bridge the teacher shortage” the report reads.

The working party has up to March 2023 to submit the final report.

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