A Form Four student of Kaputir Mixed Secondary School in Turkana South has died, whereas five others have gone blind after drinking hand sanitizer.

The six male learners, aged between 16 and 17, consumed the substance rich in alcohol on Saturday, February 20.

The five, who are now visually challenged, say they regret taking the harmful substance.

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One of them, who aspires to become a medical doctor, told K24 Digital that it was unfortunate his dream could be shattered by “my stupidity”.

Another survivor said he was lucky to be alive because “I drank from a cup which had a mixture of the hand sanitizer and water”.

“I am, however, feeling pain in the throat and stomach,” he said.

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Some of the students, whose parents couldn’t afford emergency medical attention, are still receiving basic care at the school’s medical clinic.

The school’s principal refused to comment on the matter.

Parents at the school said they want clarity about the incident, because none of the high-ranking teachers has communicated to them.

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“We are demanding the principal resigns, and the board of governors sent packing over the negligence, said a parent.

The body of the victim was taken to a Turkana hospital morgue, awaiting burial next week.


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