1.Close monitoring inclusive of feedback from teachers.

The ministry has to adopt and develop monitoring and evaluation for measuring the effectiveness and progress of the schooling activities.With reopening of schools it will be important to evaluate the situation and adapt necessary rules.They should be inclusive of the roles of each stake holder in the education sector to come up with a favourable and quality learning environment.

2.Proper administration of the financial resources.

Due to the covid 19 crisis most of the economies are failing.For education to continue well the government will be required to invest a lot in the education support staff in ways such as maintaining the salaries , providing essential training.Policies like increasing of teaching hours and recruitment of untrained teachers should be resisted with private schools maintaining their usual pay for the teachers.

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3.Make sure that the environment is safe for school activities .

The government should guarantee the whole well being of learners and other  staff to prevent or rather reduce the spread of the corona disease.Safe and healthy working conditions are a great factor  to reduce the fear of contraction of the virus and a motivating factor which is effective .These should include the given guidelines to the members of the public.

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4.Include teachers in the decision making process.

Dialogue from both the government and education staff is important for development of effective strategies for re-opening.It should include relevant authorities, teacher’s representatives organizations, parents and students to ensure needs of all groups are well represented and included.

5.Help the education sector to adapt the new learning state.

The re-opening of schools with this pandemic definitely calls for a new norm and culture in the system in which its adapting will take time.This is inclusive of rules like social distancing , wearing of masks and cleaning of hands.Application of these rules will require a great task force to ensure the schooling activities do not increase the risk of transmission.

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6.Provide moral support to the people in the education sector.

This will be necessary since people will be in fear of contraction of the disease.Teachers are at great risk of facing absenteeism with parents not wanting to risk their children lives.Teachers are also at stake since they may decide to quit their jobs not wanting to risk their health

All in all, the partakers in education should give teachers the support they need if need be for re-opening of schools.



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