Since the outbreak of the covid  pandemic most bussiness were forced to close down to reduce the risk of spreading the virus further . People had to adapt to the new norm probably using the internet and the digital technology to continue with their daily bussiness activities.Now that we have a new norm ,the government decided to open  a few areas but with assurance that they comply with the set rules from the ministry of health .Without considering the testing of workers to ensure that they are covid 19 free there are many other set rules and procedures for opening the bussinesses which include:

1.provide the required essentials

The required essentials in this case include the sanitizers ,masks ,protective gears etc. It should be the duty of an employer to  provide a healthy working condition for the employees ,during this pandemic stage that is not an exception. A healthy working environment will maintain a calm environment for bussiness activities where the workers do not panic or are not in the risk of contracting the viruses.

2.Always be around

By being around the office once in a while the workers are assured that it is not that you are using them but instead of are all in this together. This will also help in getting the feedback  directly from your employees in what places they feel that an improvement is necessary and where high risks of contractions are involved .

3.Accept that employees are in fear

With the increasing number of positive cases every day the workers have a right to panic while working bearing in mind that the serve clients ,the same clients who are coming from different parts of the country hence are at a high risk of contracting the disease . Do not be too harsh on things such as absenteeism and late coming at work . Give them the comfort of their choice during this period.

4.Support employees 

Support in this case includes increment of salaries as a sign of appreciation for risk taken and also such things as giving medical covers  for their employees .

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