Education CS Prof. George Magoha has issued a warning to Private school heads who are against the ministry’s directives on the resumption of grade 4 students.

Speaking at a press conference at the Starehe Boys Center on Friday, May 7, Magoha pointed out that school principals risk losing their license due to changing year-end Grade 4 students.

“Every Kenyan child is equal. For us, we do not care if a child goes to a private or public school. We believe that every Kenyan child is equal and should be treated that way,” he said.

CS noted that a meeting held to discuss the decision to open schools was attended by all education stakeholders, including private school owners who defied the rules.

“I hope this matter has been resolved because we have received reports that some people have received financial guidelines that they want their fourth graders to report.

“Go and build your country, government and use your education system,” Magoha said.

His response came a day after a section of private school owners asked their fourth-grade students to report to the school on May 12, rather than July 26, directed by the government.

“After consultation, we have seen fit to return to school on May 12 to ensure that we keep them in regular schooling,” read a message sent by parents from Garden Estate Academy in Nairobi.

After the move, parents cried foul and asked the right schools to follow the government’s order.

Grade Four, along with the eighth and fourth graders, completed their syllabus last term during the first phase of the reopening.

“Parents should not be bullied when they pay school fees,” Magoha said.


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