Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha has announced a new Form 1 selection formula that will be use to place the 2021 KCPE candidates in various schools countrywide.

The new formula intends to place candidates who scored high marks in their school of choice.

Speaking on Wednesday, March 30, Magoha noted that the Form one selection will be free and fair for all the students.

“We shall ensure that all Kenyan children are given equal, fair and just treatment including those from the slums and those from Arid and Semi-arid areas. We have to ensure there is affirmative action based on geographical locations in the country,” said Magoha.

According to Magoha, the new formula will help select top students nationally and place them in one pool before being placed in different national schools.

While explaining the move, Magoha noted that mixing top students from different counties will ensure all national schools in the country have a national outlook in terms of representation.

“We will take the marks of all children, then we will get the best from all those counties and place them to different national schools distributed across the nation,” stated Magoha.

He further noted that parents will know the fate of their children in two weeks time.

The KCPE candidates, who just received their results on Monday, are expected to select high schools from district, county, extra county, and national schools.

Magoha also hinted the return of school games when schools reopen, stating he is still consulting with other stakeholders.


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