Today, in his speech, the CS has listed the centers and the counties that have been noted to be involved in cheating. He also mentioned that those that took part in the leakage of today’s Agriculture paper are still being pursued.

He pointed out that the tactics used by these examination centers to cheat has been discovered and there will be more security in delivery of examinations. It is said that these centers tend to open the examinations early in the morning before the required time and students are provided with answers before sitting the examinations.

Cheating has been a problem in the education sector for a very long time in Kenya. Over the years, the government has put measures to curb cheating in national examinations. However, many students with the help of some of their teachers and invigilators work together in order to cheat in examinations. Many teachers have been arrested and some have lost their jobs due to engaging in this illegal activity. Schools have also had their results cancelled for the same. Despite the government’s warnings and doings, some schools still participate in this illegal activity.

Below is the press release;


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