When joining highschool one of the biggest wishes of a student is to acquire a grade  good enough to join campus .Most of the times we wish to join campus so as to get that freedom of doing what you cant do when you are around your parents though education is the main factor.Even with all the freedom most people find it difficult to pass exams in campus due to excessive enjoyment hence find themselves doing supplimentaries , repeating of units and others even being discontinued.This should not be the case if one is focused and follows the following easy steps.

1.Have a good start

This involves liking the unit or rather the programme one has been called to partake in that campus .Doing some research and digging deep to what the course entails , what is required of you and the materials necessary for effective learning.Research about the contents of the unit inorder to know what you expect and familiarise yourself with the topics hence you will find the easy to grasp during lessons .This also will help to curb the notion that a certain unit is hard and also help to kill negative attitude towards a unit hence a gurantee of a pass in that particular unit or course.

2.Make sure you are visible 

Visibility does not necessarilly mean that you are always present in class , you might be present at all times and your proffessor may not even notice that you are in their class.Visibility involves active participation in class and enganging in healthy discussions , asking and answering of questions or even volunteering to work out sums on the board.This will even help raise your self esteem and even encourage other students who are in the same graduating class as you.However being visible for wrong reasons such as coming late for classes can contribute to failure.

3.Handover assignments

At most times students are too  lazy to work hard when it comes to submission of assignments and the writing of examinations.Despite that , the fact still remains that these contribute a lot to their performance.One should make sure that they have submitted their assignments on time and with the given instructions .Through this, the tutors get to know the kind of a student you are, and how serious you are with your studies.During exams give satisfactory answers and make sure you don’t miss an examination .

4.Build positive realtionships with tutors

This can be achieved through trying to talk one on one with your lecturer , sharing any problems that you are facing with them or even approaching them to get an explanation for the concepts one did not understand during class hours.However , this should strictly be done during the working hours .Most meeting beyond the working hours are considered to be unhealthy .

5.Keenly observe every detail

Once in school one should keep themselves informed about whats happening around the school environment.Regularly view your syllabus and observe changes, keep track of your results and grades in order to to know where to improve , check emails and websites to get information and other important dates pertaining the school calendar , so as not to miss an important ocassion.

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