It was a rare daytime cinema when a woman who broke up with his husband of two years ago returned all the households she had taken away with her.

The Saturday morning incident which took place at Malaba in Busia County, saw hundreds of residents run to catch a glance at two Lorries full of all the stolen household arrive one after another.

Nancy was married to a businessman through a colourful wedding in 2016. The lady lived with her loving husband in Malaba border Busia where they rented a three bedroomed house. She is a Teso by origin.

She would later become a thorn in the flesh of her husband as she reportedly spend most of her Weekend nights with young men in clubs around Uganda. Efforts by her caring husband to stop her always fell on deaf ears.

Their marriage would finally hit rock bottom! Stubborn as she was, she finally got hooked to a young man who works as a clearing and forwarding agent at Busia/Uganda border. Her husband who was so distressed tried all manner of efforts to get her back but she could hear none of it.

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Two days later when the husband was at work, Nancy returned secretly with two Lorries, broke into husband’s house, fetched everything from the home and left to undisclosed place to stay with her new catch.

The husband, on returning home in the evening, found his house completely empty. Expensive fridges, mattresses, sofa sets, large screen TVs, carpets and many other household items had been stolen by the Nacy.

He immediately drowned into stress. Neighbors alerted his brothers who came to see what had befallen their kin and when they arrived, the situation was not so encouraging. Their hardworking brother was down and beaten to submission.

They quickly called their mother to narrate to her the full story. She summoned them all in the village. They traveled back to their home in Nyando where she sat them down and warned them from joking with women. She said “women are very dangerous and should never be trusted”.

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She would then pick her tattered black covered note book hidden far away under her mattress and called a strange number. She spoke on the phone for 15 minutes. Their conversation centered on ‘theft and marriage’.

After their talk, she told the son that it was time to visit a traditional Doctor Ngoso. They immediately left with him only to return in the evening. They had good news with them. The traditional Spell Caster had assured them that the wife will be retuning all she had stolen from their home.

And next day a call came through. It was her estranged wife crying and pleading that the husband should go back to open the gate because she had brought back all she had stolen items.

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When the husband arrived alongside his brothers, they found two big white Lorries waiting with all the households including spoons. They couldn’t believe how she helped arrange back the items in the house. She also wanted to settle with the husband but he refused that nonsense.

She would go back crying. She was also not welcome at her other home. The mother too did not like what she had done to the husband they had cherished.

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