Teaching as a profession is not as easy as it looks. Teachers tend to experience a lot of difficulties while performing their duties. However, these challenges differ according to some factors including the school in which one teaches.

Majority of the schools in Kenya are public schools which are owned by the government. The remaining percentage belongs to private schools which are also quite a number in the country. Even though these schools are both in Kenya and under the same rules from the ministry of education, teaching in a private school is not the same as teaching in public schools. Here are some differences;

Student population
The student population in public schools tend to be higher than those in public schools. This is why closer teacher-student interaction is better in private schools. A teacher in a public school will have to work harder in order to have a closer relationship with their student.

Teachers in public schools are employed by the TSC and therefore their salary varies according to their job groups and other factors in the TSC. In private schools, teachers are employed by the Board of Management and therefore their pay is decided by the BOM or the owner of the school in some cases.

Indiscipline cases in public schools are quite high as compared to private schools. With the high number, many students in public schools make mistakes believing that they would get away with it. Teachers in public schools have a bigger task as compared to those in public schools when it comes to discipline.

Parent involvement
Students in private schools tend to have their parents involved a lot in their studies and school life as compared to those in public schools. This makes it easier for teachers to do their work as they can easily consult with parents.

Private schools in most cases are equipped with more resources as compared to public schools. Therefore, teaching is easier since resources like the library and machines are easily accessible for both students and teachers.

Public schools are more diverse as compared to private schools. The larger population in Kenya are not able to afford private schools and therefore opt for public schools. This leads to many students with different ethnic, religious and even racial backgrounds.

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