After a very busy term of trying to pick up from where they left last year before the pandemic, schools are now breaking for a 7 week holiday. Students are excited to finally come back home to their parents. However, with children at home, parents are required to be more cautious. This is to the fact that children are much more vulnerable to danger when they are on holidays than on school days.

Here are some of the dangers that they might be exposed to when on holiday;

  1. Exposure to corona virus
    The global pandemic has proven to be a threat to everyone in the planet right now. However, children are more at risk of this virus due to how active they are and their weaker immune system. It is quite easy to control their movement at home as compare to school, where they have rules to strictly adhere to.


2. Teenage pregnancy
Teenage pregnancy has always been a challenge in Kenya. Girls are easily deceived by the opposite sex and end up getting themselves in to a life commitment at a young age. 7 weeks might not seem like a lot of time but it is enough to change someone’s life.

3. Drug abuse

Abuse of drugs is very common among the youth today. It is usually the kind of friends that your kids hang out with that influence their choices when it comes to such. Monitoring kids is one way parents can make sure their kids are not indulging in drugs and other immoral activities during this holiday.

4. Physical assault
The world today is full of evil and heartless people. Cases of rape and teenage murders have risen in the recent times. Children are more exposed to such dangers while at home as compared to school. Parents should always be aware of their children’s whereabouts during the holidays to avoid any surprises.

It is the duty of the parents and the community at large to take care of the young ones. Parents should keep their guard up especially during this technological era. Monitor what your children do at home, and who they do it with.


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