A debate has been going on whether boarding schools should be abolished or not. CS Magoha joined the conversation by indicating that in a normal society, boarding schools are necessary but if the burning of schools continues then boarding schools should not exist. However, CS Magoha was quick to note that CBC is the solution.

Magoha on how CBC is the solution to the burning of schools

While speaking to journalists, CS Magoha said “In an ideal society where people are normal, boarding schools are supposed to flourish. But it is the society that will decide whether they continue to be there or not…How do you burn where you are sleeping? Where we are heading to, I want to join the debate that we are having.”

He continued, “Maybe CBC will solve the problem (burning of schools). Because by the time we have the CBC children in high school. I want to opine that no schools will be burnt. Because you will have given these children proper grounding.”


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