Teachers are one of the major government employees in the country. The Teachers Service Commission has the mandate to ensure that all public schools are having reasonable number of teachers.

There has been a tussle between the TSC and KNUT over the salary increment. This time round it is not a matter of the increment but pocketing the annual leave allowance.

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Teachers are always entitled to annual leave allowance which always come at the end of January every year. The allowance is always located as per the job group.

Job group B5 which is the entry grade for a primary school teacher will carry Ksh. 4000, job group c1 will also carry 4000/-.

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The other job groups such as c2, c3,c4 and c5 will carry home ksh 6000 each. The job groups that will benefit the most are D1, D2,D3,D4 and D5.

They will carry Ksh. 10000 each. Teachers will now have a reason to smile as they wait for more to come from the C.B.A.
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