Ever since the implementation of the Competence Based Curriculum in the country, there has been challenges in ensuring that all plans lead to success of the new education system. Recently, a taskforce working for the ministry of education came up with a report that will be used as a guide in the rollout of the program. The taskforce is being chaired by the principal secretary for education Fatuma Chege. The report has suggested scrapping of boarding schools for CBC learners in order to make learning more effective.

The changes proposed by the report of the taskforce could see that some boarding schools are converted to junior schools in order to host junior secondary schools under the CBC program. This will allow facilities such as dormitories to be used as learning platforms for children and this will save on the cost of building other classrooms. All these changes are projected to be implemented by the year 2023, when the pioneer class for CBC is expected to be joining junior secondary school.

The report has also suggested that children in rural areas going through CBC will be required to attend junior secondary schools within one to two kilometers from their former primary schools. This will ensure that children attend schools in their local areas and this will save on transport costs and other expenditures incurred in long distance learning.  

The report has borrowed a lot from Shanghai, China, through an initiative that was termed `neighborhood attendance’. It directs that learner attend their local schools rather than scramble for limited spaces at key national schools far away from their residences. This will also help in implementation of day schooling that benefit the parents and guardians by reducing expenditure on transport and other boarding costs. The plan is also aimed at narrowing the gender gap that exists in most schools.

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