Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha avers that learners under the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) are more productive than those who underwent the 8-4-4 education system.

Magoha, who was speaking at a special committee meeting of the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) Wednesday said there are notable differences between the ‘traditional child’ (8-4-4) vis-à-vis the CBC one.

“The CBC child is a very different breed. They are productive,” Magoha said.

He asserted that the National Government is confident in what they are building with the new curriculum and that they are thorough and proud.

“If something is working, why do you want to change it?” he posed

The Education CS however acknowledged that implementation of the new curriculum and rollout of national examinations has not been without challenges.

“Our biggest issue is corruption and credibility,” he noted, adding that other countries are now looking into how Kenya is running her examination model.

The CS has been at the fore in defending the new curriculum, often dismissing its critics as “malicious”.

He in September this year reiterated that CBC is here to stay, saying the education system is on the right path.

“For once, Kenya’s education sector is on the right trajectory by focusing on skills and competencies of learners other than ranking and cut-throat competition that has been at the center of the sector for long,” Magoha said.

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  1. We can’t compare the two 8:4:4 and CBC we haven’t seen the results of CBC. The one speaking is the product of 8:4:4 . CBC is a cartel


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