The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is alleged to have failed to confirm teachers who have held acting administrative roles for an extended period of time by the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet).

The existing career advancement standards make it difficult for classroom teachers to gain promotions unless they are in administrative roles, according to Mr. Omboko Milemba, the national chairman of the Kuppet.

He claimed that teachers who act are owed Sh1 billion, and they are now seeking to renegotiate their salary agreements with the government because they feel that the current ones are stalling their careers.

According to Milemba, these are bills for services provided but not paid for, and he added that the union is conducting research to determine how much is owed to these teachers.

“This is a pending bill that’s not quantified. This is an exploitation of labour by the TSC and the government. I’ve put a question in Parliament but I’m doing research with my office staff to back the numbers. It’s become impossible to be promoted unless you’re in administration,” said Mr Milemba, who is also the MP for Emuhaya constituency. He said the most affected are teachers in grades C3 and C4.

He claimed that the government owes vendors of goods and services more than Sh650 billion in total. He further stated that discussions with the government to raise Sh100 billion to pay some of the bills were ongoing.

Speaking at the union’s annual general meeting on Saturday at St Columbans High School in Kitale, Mr. Milemba requested that the TSC review the 2021–2025 collective bargaining agreement.

“The five-year CBA will quantify promotions for deputy principals, heads of departments, and acting principals who have served for long without payments,” said Mr Milemba.

The union has submitted recommendations to the commission regarding new teacher compensation plans. The base pay for a teacher in Job category B1 is Sh24,250.

The teacher will earn Sh89,016 if the union’s suggestions are carried out, and will be promoted to job group D5.

The highest-paid teacher’s salary would increase from Sh148,360 to Sh237,376.

Mr. Milemba also requested that the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) be chosen to administer the teachers’ insurance medical program.

“The government should have in the first place allowed several medical insurers to offer services to teachers rather than having them locked to one,” he said.

According to Mr. Milemba, the present medical insurance program, which is offered by Minet Kenya Limited, has harmed teachers and family members. “Private insurance companies shouldn’t challenge NHIF, a government agency, to provide services to teachers or any other government employees,” he stated.

The lawmaker argued that it was ironic that teachers continue to receive services from Minet while some civil servants are offered a comprehensive medical insurance package by NHIF.

Furaha Lusweti, the executive secretary of Trans Nzoia County and the ward representative for Waitaluk, claimed that teachers are dissatisfied with the services provided by the insurer.

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