1.E- commerce 

Due to the disruption of normal physical business activities have switched to online bussinesses  where ordering and transaction deals are done online.General buying and selling of goods is taking place online since people have to observe the social distancing rules to avoid the spread of corona

2.Digital technologies

Companies providing software and IT services are making such huge profits during this pandemic due to the urge of working from home.For working from home to be effective, such things as teleconferencing, ICT services and online content creators are winning in this.

3.Health care and biotechnology

Biotechnology at the moment is becoming  the hottest industry as at now due to the rush and struggle to find a suitable vaccine for the virus.The crisis has put a strain on the health care systems hence government will crowd on any available resource from both the private and public health service providers

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4.Cleaning services

With the fear of the spread of the coona virus, its no surprising that proffesional cleaning services that involve sanitization of offices and homes have high demand

5.Delivery services

Many people are afraid of leaving homes for shopping and with the application of  social distancing rules hence opting  for online shopping and the delivery agencies bringing the items at the comfort of the consumers homes.Meal preparation and delivery services are also on demand and so hotels have to deliver foods  as opposed to the customers going in hotels to get food.

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6.Mask making

The high demand for masksin the beggining of the year is making the art more popular among entrepreneurs.people want to get high quality masks to protect themselves against the virus

7.Game making and selling

People have been forced to stay indoors and children are no longer at school and they are not playing outdoor games.parents have opted to engage them with indoor games such as puzzles to keep them active during this period

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8.Grocey stores

With the closure of hotels and observance of social distancing people no longer have access to ready made food from hotels thus making them stock up foodstuffs and vegetables for cooking during this period leading to a demand of the same.

9.Fitness equipments

With gyms closed, people are now doing fitness at the comfort of their homes.Fitness products  I.e yoga mats  are on high demand since people have to keep fit even at these trying  times.

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