Kamau Kinuthia is a resident of Nyeri in Central Kenya who works as a boda boda rider and had luck to marry a beautiful primary school teacher from their location.

He used to carry the teacher to and from school every day until the two ended up marrying and they eve managed to get a baby(son) together.

Their unexpected marriage shocked many around the village with some sections claiming that it won’t last. Yes, after their first born child things started falling apart and it was rumoured that the wife was getting involved in another relationship with a high school teacher from a neighbouring school.

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This development was made worse when his wife started behaving weirdly sometimes rude and for days she could not be seen at home claiming she had gone for a work related tour.

It were lies she was trying to make so that she can get some nights with the high school teacher who seemed a little wealthy and had a good car. With time, this rumour became truth and Kinuthia started developing stress and depression to appoint he couldn’t attend to his job.

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He became week, while on the other hand, the wife did not care at all since she had found another able man. However, it was last week when drama ensued in their village. The Secondary school teacher was found early in the morning kneeling at Kinuthia compound.

He had just parked his car at the gate and came kneeling and begging for forgiveness. He couldn’t see peace. He returned the wife to the owner saying he was sorry about it. What transpired according to sources is that Kinuthia had decided to use Magic Spells from Ngoso Doctors.

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The spells can return your wife or lost love in just hours. Similarly, catch any cheating partner, get back your stolen cash, items and piece of land or win a court case by using Doctor Ngoso.

To reach him Call/WhatsApp: +254718756944, E-mail: doctorngoso@gmail.com or visit the website: www.doctorngoso.com.

Remember, just like a medical doctor, Powerful NGOSO DOCTORS will first interrogate you to understand what exactly is the problem before administering their spells.

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