Do your lack funds to pursue higher education or attain the next accolade in your academic conquest? An NGO scholarship for poor students in Kenya is your opportunity to realise your dream by studying at the most prestigious learning institutions. When you lack funds, everything’s possible by getting the best scholarship program. However, you ought to seek them out and filter based on your unique circumstances.Ordinarily, fully-funded scholarships for Kenyan students are preserved for those that demonstrate outstanding results in their studies and other prescribed fields. These are great opportunities for deserving students worldwide, Kenya getting a specific quota, of course, merit-based. What are the available scholarships in Kenya for undergraduates?

NGO scholarship for poor students in Kenya

1. ACCES Scholarship Program

ACCES(African Canadian Continuing Education Society) has been active in Kenya, raising money to provide underprivileged Kenyan post-secondary students scholarships for more than 25 years. They support the brightest and most vulnerable students in Kenya to complete their full course of studies.

How to apply:

a ) Download and fill out an “information form to see if you qualify.

b) If you qualify, download and fill the application form from their official website.

ACCES donates an average of $35 to $400 every year to cater for tuition and accommodation fees for qualified students.

2. AAUW International Women Fellowship

The AAUW (American Association of University Women) awards full-time study or research to women that are not the United States of America citizens or permanent residents. The institution has been advocating for women and girls since 1881.

How to apply:

a)Applicants must pass the eligibility quiz to be reviewed by the selection panel.

b) Applicants ought to provide three recommendations from professors or professional colleagues well acquainted with them, their work, and academic background, in striving towards scholarly pursuits.

c)Individuals to provide proof of highest degree through uploads. This can be transcripts or a list of courses taken. They also should provide evidence of current enrolment at the learning institution.

d)Provide a resume.

The scholarship program gives successful applicants various amounts for master, doctoral and postdoctoral. Masters’ applicants receive $18,000, doctoral $20,000 and postdoctoral $30,000.

3. African Scholarship Exchange (ASE)

The institution was created in 1997 (formerly known as Educating Africans for Christ). It is a non-profit Christian organisation supported by donations from its members and other well-wishers. The primary aim of the NGO is to equip those with a calling from God to do whatever work God has called them for His glory.

How to apply:

a)A church membership as the institution identifies eligible candidates from here. It partners with churches to single out, financially support, mentor and encourage student leaders.

The scholarship money is wired directly to the institution that the student is attending. The NGO supports students at the certificate, diploma, bachelors, or graduate level.

4. Wells Mountain Initiative scholarships

Wells Mountain Initiative scholarship intends to support people in developing countries or those living under extreme poverty. The foundation support students every year as they pursue various educational objectives. The deadline for the 2021 scholarship is March 1.

How to apply:

Record of all your service activities(dates, activities, time spent, photographs, etc.)

Clear personal photo(requirement)

Essay (topic is stated on the application form).

Provide official transcripts of grades from secondary school.

Avail official grading key to interpret secondary school grades.

Provide two letters of recommendation on official stationery from two people who know you professionally/personally and showcase the reasons you deserve the scholarship.

The scholarship cover is between $300 to $3,000 and covers tuition and fees, books and materials, and room rent and meals. It is important to note that the scholarship doesn’t cover any college, polytechnic or university in the United States, UK, Australia or Europe (with one exception – Bergen Community College in Paramus).

5. Acumen Fund Fellows East Africa Fellowship

This is one of the best university scholarships in Kenya. It is a one-year, fully-funded leadership development program that awards 20 people from East Africa the leadership training they require. Acumen is building a great network of leaders and companies in East Africa to create a more inclusive economy.

The program seeks people with the following:

A demonstrated ability to engage with and add value to an unfamiliar business.

Passion for applying business skills to effect social change.

Project management experience.

Evidence of entrepreneurialism.

Proven ability to adapt to different cultures or new environments.

How to apply:

One can apply online via their website.

The Acumen Fund Fellows East Africa Fellowship is a competitive program that attracts applicants worldwide. Therefore, if you are looking for bursaries for Kenyan university students, it is a good idea to process your petition early to secure your slot

6. Kenya Education Fund

Amongst the organizations that give out scholarships, Kenya Education Fund is one of the most outstanding. The NGO’s mission is to provide access to quality education and keep underprivileged students in school. The organisation offers scholarships based on need and merit to students all over the country.

Applications for the 2021 period are open and feadline is on April 30.

How to apply:

If you are applying through the mail, you have to abide by specific guidelines. Send a new self-addressed return envelope size A4 already stamped with Ksh.50 postage stamps (Kenya only). Return the filled application form (e-mailed or scanned application will not be considered) to the mailing address specified by the institution.

One can physically visit their offices at Thika, Upper hill area, opposite Bluepost Hotel on Nairobi – Embu Highway.

Applicants ought to be a Standard 8 candidate and also meet KEF standards of Financial Need and Academic Merit (KCPE of 320 marks and above

7. African Commonwealth scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarships Commission avails the African Commonwealth scholarships for study at London Southern Bank University in the United Kingdom. It aims to help needy students across the Commonwealth by funding their postgraduate studies in different fields.

Anyone looking to apply for Commonwealth scholarships, one of the best NGO scholarships for poor students in Kenya must be a permanent resident of a Commonwealth country. On top of that, they must have an undergraduate honours degree of at least upper second class.

How to apply:

Depending on which scholarship you are applying for, you may need to apply through a National Nominating Agency, a university, or a Non-Governmental Organisation.

The scholarship affords students opportunities to study for PhD, various master’s programmes, medical and professional fellowships and many more.

  • 8. Windle International Kenya scholarships

WindleInternational Kenya (WIK) is a non-governmental organisation funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The primary intent is to support bright refugees and special needs students to attend national and prestigious secondary schools outside the camp.

How to apply:

Visit WIK offices in Dadaab, Kakuma or Nairobi to get more information on the criteria.

WIK’s scholarship programmes aim to help the poor earn proper education and ascertain great transition from secondary to tertiary levels.

Before filling your preferred NGO scholarship application form, ascertain that you meet all the Non-Governmental Organisation conditions. Often applicants fail to qualify because a failure to abide by the applications guidelines. With the numerous NGO scholarship for poor students in Kenya, you cannot afford to err and miss your chance.


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