Most campus students tend to spend a lot of money especially when it comes to social life. Sometimes it is hard for the parents/guardians to fully provide and satisfy their many needs. This one of the reasons why campus students need to get out of their comfort zone and try out different jobs to get cash. Below are some of the best jobs that students can try out;

  1. Photography

It is one of the most marketable job you can do around. Students are mostly known for liking photoshoots probably because they like posting photos in social media. For you to thrive in such kind of work you need to invest in a high quality camera. Always attend campus events like cultural week, Mr and Miss university, freshers night e.t.c to get more gigs and market your job.

  1. Graphic Design
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Graphic design is such an easy work to learn. And the good thing is that you get better over time. If you have a laptop you just download some free Graphic Design software online and learn basic design. You can do Party Designs, Web designs, Business Cards, Campaign Posters e.t.c There are so many activities in campus that need such designs.

  1. Writing eBooks and Selling(personal notes)

Every university student has access of the library where they can get free access of books to do research. This will help you write multiple books that you think people might be interested in. This ebooks include exam revision papers, class notes, projects e.t.c which you can sell online.

  1. Blogging
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It is one of the best ways through which students can earn money online in Kenya.  Blogging needs good writing skills with some basic technical skills. After creating a blog, update it frequently by posting different kinds of quality and unique articles.

  1. Freelance Writing Jobs

This the most commonly talked  about as the best choice for students looking for online jobs. This can be done either by writing for other people or creating your own account in Upwork or any other website.

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6.  Research Writing

This basically involves doing research for someone and getting paid via mpesa. Payment is normally done twice a month but it depends on who you are working for. There are a number of people who are looking for research writers online.

    7.  Transcription

This a job done online that involves translating speech in words. There are different types of transcription that you can check on google for more information.












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