As a good teacher, it’s not all about being popular and being applauded by students whenever you stand in front of them but bringing the best out of those students. This can be achieved through embracing the following behaviors while in school and while interacting with students.

1. A teacher should encourage high expectations from learners.

This can be done through;

  • Setting challenging goals for learning. Through this, learners learn to struggle for themselves through research and in the process they tend to learn new concepts.
  • Make expectations clear both orally and in writing. A good teacher should be firm on what he/she expects from learners. And this should be done on a daily basis so that the learners get used to what the teacher expects.
  • Set consequences for non-completion of work. This should be done through administering punishment that is commensurate. Cane can be administered in extreme cases where learners show lack of cooperation.
  • Encourage students to write and speak well. This well help them to communicate well during exams in writing.
  • Discuss class progress.
  • Communicate importance of high academic standards. This gives learners encouragement towards achieving those standards.
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2. Encourage cooperation among students

  • Ask students to explain difficult concepts to each other. This makes the concept to sink well in their mind for a long time.
  • Inquire into students’ interests and backgrounds. This gives a teacher a ground on how to handle these learners.
  • Encourage students to prepare together for class.
  • Allow students to critique each other’s work. This will pause a challenge to one another and finally make them work towards perfecting their work.
  • Create study groups and project teams. Through this, teamwork is enhanced and learners get to learn from one another.

 3.Emphasize timeliness

  • Expect students to complete assignments promptly.
  • Estimate and communicate the amount of time to be spent on tasks. This keeps the students on toes and makes them to always time themselves even during exams.
  • Encourage rehearsal of oral presentations. This will make your students smart even during symposia and public speaking during outings.
  • Encourage steady work and sensible time management.
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4. Give prompt feedback

  • Provide sufficient opportunities for assessment.
  • Prepare classroom activities (for example, active learning exercises) that give immediate feedback.
  • Return graded assignments within one week. This will allow room for revision and making relevant corrections.
  • Give detailed evaluations of work starting early in the term.
  • Give a pre-test at the beginning of the course to assess students’ background in the subject. This will give ground to the teacher about the students he/she is dealing with and still know exactly where the learners have a problem.

5. Student-instructor contact

  • Adopt a behaviour that communicates that you are approachable. This will make students not to shy away from approaching you.
  • Welcome students to drop by your office. Respect diverse talents and ways of learning.
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6. Encourage student involvement

  • Use diverse teaching activities. Encourage active learning. Ask students to present work to the class.
  • Ask students to relate outside events to class material. Using this relationship enables learners to have concrete information and enables them to recall a concept more easily.
  • Give students real-life situations to analyze.
  • Use simulations and role-playing in class.
  • Encourage students to challenge course material.
  • Be sure to make clear that showing disrespect to you or other students is not appropriate. As a teacher always encourage your students that Respect and discipline are very key when it comes to performance. Through this, students will learn to respect you as a teacher and respect other fellow learners.

Therefore as a teacher, for you to be called a good teacher, you must embrace all the above behaviours that are geared towards achieving academic excellence and bringing the best out of your learners.


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