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Bachelor of Education Graduates to take a Post graduate diploma course before Registration

The Teachers Service Commission Kenya, the body responsible for the deployment, promotion, demotion, and renumeration of teachers in Kenya has shocked many with their new education program framework.

The commission is set to make changes on the famous degree in education that has existed since 1970s. According to the reports by local dailies, the commission proposes that those wishing to pursue education degree that is Bachelor of Education Science or arts, will have to go through the normal four years after which they will have to take a post graduate diploma course for them to be eligible for registration.

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The standard newspaper

This means that a teachers will no longer take four years in Universities, the extended period will come with extra expenses and cost.

The framework according to the commission is to equip educators with enough knowledge and practical experience on teaching.

The proposal has however, been resisted by stakeholders in the sector including lectures who have termed it unnecessary.

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Some educational stakeholders have already reacted to these new proposals. Lecturers and academic staff union have already opposed the new framework.

The proposal is already attracting pushback from educational lecturers and the University Academic Staff Union who have termed it as unnecessary and unfounded.

The lecturers have said that they received the framework with a lot of shock and are keenly analysing it before authoring a counter report. Nancy Macharia seeks to change something frameworks that have been in place since 1972 through unorganized means.

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  1. This is necessary to revive education sector in Kenya.
    I agreed with whoever came up with this framework

  2. Am a higher education diploma holder, but everytime the degree holders of the same subject like consulting from me, in the first place they saw that l wasn’t well equipped, later on,l could be assigned to teach almost the whole school…esp kiswahili while the rest took CRE, the the subject” kiswahili” used to be at the bottom….right now the subject takes the top three positions….have been receiving many awards…..l a gree..’ they’ re choosy, lazy,


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