An American young female national who traveled into the country three months ago over job related assignments has married a mutura vendor in Nakuru Town.

The female girl who looks to be in her mid 20’s came into the country following an assignment she had been given by her employer in America and while take a walk around Nakuru town, she spotted a man selling mutura and sought to test the roasted intestines which she seemingly fell in love with.

She would return next evening to test the mutura beef and that’s when she started leaving the young man with a lot of cash sometimes sh 2,000 or 3,000 what the man could not believe.

He narrated that anytime the lady would walk into his kiosk to test mutura she could leave him with not less sh 2,000 every day what made him very happy.

Days later, the young white lady came and picked the young man from his job for an outing. She drove with him around Nakuru town sharing drinks and that is when their chemistry started working magic.

They fell in love with each other and as we speak today, the white beautiful young lady has stuck with the man and they currently live together. In fact, the young man has whispered to friends that he has already impregnated the lady who is also ready to settle with him in Kenya.

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