The Teacher Service Commission, TSC, has moved the leave application process for teachers’ leave to an online module.

In its Strategic Plan 2019-2023, the Commission identified Reforms and Innovation in the provision of its services as a strategic focus area aimed at improving service delivery to employees and stakeholders.

To achieve this goal, the Commission has successfully automated the leave application and approval process and migrated the same to an online system. To this end, there will be no manual application for all types of leaves effective 1st December 2021.

All teachers including interns are required to henceforth apply for leave using the online platform. The detailed procedure on how to apply for leave in the system is provided in the user guidelines which may be accessed through the Commission’s website

In case of any challenges, teachers are advised to consult the Commission’s ICT field officers who will be available to assist. Those who have already applied manually and proceeded on leave will not be affected

TSC County Directors are directed to ensure that the contents of this circular are disseminated to all teachers serving under their respective jurisdictions.

For now, the following nine types of leaves have been put online

  1. Annual Leave

All teachers are entitled to 30 days of annual leave in one calendar year which should only be taken during the school holidays. Annual leave for teachers should not be accumulated to be carried forward to the subsequent year

  1. Special Leave

The Commission clarified vide Circular No. 1 of 2017 that Special Leave may only be taken during school holidays. This was intended to ensure that instructional leadership and curriculum implementation which is the core mandate of the teaching service is not compromised.

This position will remain in place except where the Commission at its own discretion or in collaboration with its partners has nominated a teacher to attend a seminar, training, or conference when schools are in session.

  1. Maternity Leave

As provided under the CORT, a female teacher is eligible for 90 calendar days’ maternity leave per annum with full pay. Such a teacher shall not forfeit her annual leave on account of having taken her maternity leave.

Accordingly, while computing maternity leave, any day falling within the period when a teacher is on annual leave duly applied for and approved, should be excluded so that the two leaves do not run concurrently. In the event a teacher has not applied for annual leave, the computation for maternity leave of the ninety (90) calendar days shall run continuously.

  1. Compassionate Leave

As the name suggests, this leave is granted on compassionate grounds which may include cases of bereavement, sickness of a family member, or any other ground, which in the view of the teacher’s immediate supervisor, is so compelling to qualify a teacher to be absent from duty.

  1. Sick Leave

As provided under Regulation 111 (2) of the CORT Application for sick leave should be forwarded to the Commission as fast as t is practically possible but strictly not later than 48 hours for out-patient cases and seven (7) days for in-patient cases

The Commission will not grant belated sick leave as such practice does not conform to the provisions of the CORT. In computing the period of sick leave under regulation 113, please note that the period of leave should run cumulatively within one Calendar year.

  1. Paternity leave

The Commission shall upon application, grant a male teacher twenty-one calendrer days paternity leave with full payment within the duration of the wife’s, maternity leave which leaves may grant only once a year.

  1. Study Leave

A teacher who intends to proceed with study leave shall apply to the Commission through the Head of the institution by completing the application for study leaves in the manner set out in from S under the third-fourth schedule.

  1. Adoption Leave

This shall be given to any female or male teacher who wishes to adopt a child.

  1. Clearance to travel out of the Country

Any teacher wishing to spend leave outside the Country must obtain clearance from the TSC headquarters as required under regulation 137 of the CORT. Requests for such clearance must be accompanied by a copy of approved leave for which traveling is required.

In order to attain the provision of quality basic education, teachers who wish to attend private functions, workshops, or seminars out of the Country do so during school holidays so that the same is not taken at the expense of learners.

You can use the link below to apply

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