A teacher from Nakuru dies in a lodging under unclear circumstances after a night out with unonomous lady.

The Police in Nakuru is currently investigating the circumstances under which a retired teacher was found dead following a night-out with a woman in local lodging.

The 76-year-old man had paid for lodging at Salama Boarding and lodging on Wednesday night on the 5th of January. He was later joined by a young lady after around 30 minutes.

It was very unfortunately when it was discovered on Thursday morning by a cleaner who was going on with her duties of cleaning as usual that the man was dead in the loading.

She found the teacher’s lifeless body with the door bizarrely unlocked.

The directives reported that the cleaner alerted the authorities immediately who in turn informed them of the incident.

“She informed the manager Mr Bernard Kiarie immediately who in turn informed the police based in Molo on the unfortunate discovery,” said Molo police.

Following the incident, the body of the deseased was moved mortuary as investigations start with immediate effect.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCIs) has since advised owners of entertainment places and lodgings to keep records of guests visiting those places.

“The DCID advises lodging owners to record details of all customers of those facilities as indicated in the national IDs,” the police said.

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