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A Teacher Commits Suicide

A teacher of Lubinu boys highschool located in shianda, Kakamega county has committed suicide. According to education blogger Mutai Mutandao,Mr. Muhati, a teacher of agriculture and biology ended his life because of life frustrations.

The body of the deceased was recovered yesterday in the evening at his house located near Ahmadiyya hospital, Shianda and taken to Mumias Mortuary.

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According to close sources( a teacher at Shibinga secondary school), the deceased was not in good terms with his wife.

The source added that the deceased was also frustrated over a debt he owed a women group. The women group had reported him to the authority and the the principal of Lubinu boys was ready to hand him over to the authorities today.

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Below is a photo of Mr. Muhati.

It is alleged that the deceased began by taking poison before hanging himself for reasons best known to him.

Another anonymous source added that Mr. Muhati loved a good life and women too.

Cases of suicide has been on the rise lately. Life is tough on everyone and committing suicide is and has never been the solution.

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