Lumboka secondary school student in form one stabbed his father to death as he requested his end-of-term exam report form. This tragedy occurred in the village of Kibachenje in Bumula sub county.

The student had withdrawn from school following the conclusion of the second term, and the father requested to see the student’s academic record. According to Bumula OCPD Stephen Obara, the form one student stabbed his father multiple times in the chest.

High school students have been making headlines across the country for setting fire to their campuses, and now the situation has deteriorated to the point that a kid killed his own dad without demonstrating humanity.

The primary reason why students are becoming increasingly out of control is unknown, and an immediate remedy is required before things spiral out of control.

Schools began closing for the end of term two late last week, with the official date set for December 23rd, 2021. May the soul of your late father rest in peace. What is the greatest way to prevent our children from engaging in this type of behavior?


  1. So sad and unfortunate. That biy will never see peace. We will to regret. Does not know the importance of a father in a family…

  2. So sad and unfortunate. That boy will never see peace. Will live to regret. Does not know the importance of a father in a family…


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