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5 valid reasons to do an inter-university transfer

Most people begin school with no intention of transferring to a different school at some point.To some, the idea of transfer does not hit untill even a year or two in a school they ought four years in.Firstly , a transfer does not necessarily depict a failure  but it means that one is careful of his education life.Transfer can contribute a lot in the achievement in academics, professionalism and reaching the intended goals in life if not based on mere reasons like “I miss my boyfriend”. Here are some reasons for a inter -university transfer;

1.Changing of programmes

This happens if one is not fully contented with the program they have been offered to do.Take an example you have been offered a medical course and in between you get stuck in grasping some medical concepts and then realise that you can do better in business related courses and your current school does not offer quite good business related courses hence opting for a transfer.

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2.The tuition and living cost is too high

If the cost of living in the school is too high and causing a financial strain on your resources then one can opt to do a transfer to a school where the costs are a bit lower.One may decide to transfer from a private university offering a programme at quite high charges to a public university to take the same program under lower charges .

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3.The school location is not ideal

Considering what opportunities you want to venture in one can decided to do an inter-university transfer.If one is hoping to secure  a job  after graduation then a university that is situated in and near towns is most ideal.In some cases one may want to do some adventure hence want a school far from home.All in all the security of the school location also may contribute to a transfer.

4.when one wants a challenge 

In this case one feels that the programmes or concepts are too simply for them and they can do better in even greater tasks.Take an example of a  person with a higher grade that has been offered an arts programme and is qualifying for  a engineering  programme in another school then they opt for a transfer to take that engineering programme.

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5.probably you chose the wrong school

This reason can be so hard to explain since reasons involved may not have a lot of weight  on the matter.Maybe the expectations one had about the school have not been met or maybe the the environment is hard to adapt on.




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