The Teachers Service Commission (TSC), has rules and regulations that teachers have to strictly adhere to. Failure to abide by these rules will lead to several consequences including termination of one’s teaching license.


Some of the offences that can lead to severe punishment by TSC include;

  1. Absenteeism
  2. Cases of immoral behaviour
  3. Insubordination
  4. Neglect of duty
  5. Conviction of criminal offence
  6. Desertion of duty
  7. Mismanagement of public funds.

1. Absenteeism.

Failure to report to work on workdays without written consent is punishable by the commission.

2. Cases of immoral behaviour

This includes;

  • Sexual harassment
  • Love relationship
  • Sexual intercourse
  • Exposing students to pornographic materials
  • Lesbianism
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If a teacher is found guilty of any of these offences, their license can be terminated by the TSC. Furthermore, they can be sentenced to jail depending on the intensity of the crime.

3. Insubordination

Disobedience of official instructions from superiors, e.g. County Directors, Head of Institution, Sub-County Directors.

This includes;

  • Failure to respond to letters from supervisors
  • Proceeding on transfer without formal release
  • Failure to take up posting after disciplinary process
  • Failure to handover/ takeover an institution upon transfer
  • Failure to submit books of accounts

4. Neglect of duty

This is carelessly performing any work assigned to the teacher.

Negligence of duty includes;

  • Grading fake marks
  • Failure to perform T.O.D duties
  • Failure to attend school assemblies and official meetings
  • Failure to take students for official functions
  • Failure to teach scheduled lessons
  • Failure to prepare professional documents
  • Allowing examination cheating
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5. Conviction of criminal offense
When a teacher is found is guilty and convicted of a certain crime, the Commission will decide whether the person is still fit to be a teacher despite the crime.

6. Desertion of duty
All Kenyan teachers are entitled to a 30 day annual leave. Failure to report to work on any other workday without written consent is considered desertion of duty. After 14 days of absence; including weekends and public holidays, a teacher is vulnerable to punishment by the TSC.

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7. Mismanagement of public funds
Mismanagement of public funds includes;

  • Handling of public funds/ property in an inefficient manner that is likely to cause loss to the institution.
  • Use of public funds in unauthorized ways by a teacher
  • Embezzlement; the fraudulent conversion of public funds and property entrusted to a teacher to personal use

If a teacher is proven guilty of any of these offences,  their license can be revoked by the commission. However,  if it happens that the teacher is innocent of the crimes,  he/she is warned by the TSC.


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