The Kenya Universities  and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) is set to release the results of  university placement  any time from now which will end  the long wait for the 125,448 who scored mean grade C+ which is the university entry grade for degree programmes and 385,860 students who scored between grade C and D , and hence qualifying for diploma and certificate courses.

Those candidates who scored grade C- and above are qualified to pursue diploma courses , those who scored D plain and above can go for craft certificate courses and those with D- and E can pursue Artisan certificate courses.

The results which will be released today by KUCCPS   will either raise the anxiety or calm the nerves more so of the 125,448 students who scored the minimum  university entry grade of C+.

However the bad news is that that result may not be good news especially to those who didn’t correct avoidable mistakes that are likely to cost them .

As per the report of KUCCPS it  has identified some of the common mistakes committed  by students during the application process which may cost them:

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Common mistakes committed during application 

1. Most students select courses but fail to complete the application process ; this happens when applicants select courses and put them in the course basket which is a tool in the application portal but finally fail to apply for the courses .

2. Most students fail to take into consideration the relative performance of the candidates when they do comparison of their cluster weights with the previous cluster points .

3. The top performer students sometimes go for the most competitive degree programmes and in most cases the programmes have limited capacities.

4. Some students submit only one choice instead of the maximum four .

KUCCPS  Chief Executive Officer  (CEO) John Muraguri said that the mistake means once students miss the one course they selected, there’s nothing to fall back on. ” Applicants should ensure they fill all the choices when applying for placement,” he said in the report.

TAKE NOTE:  KUCCPS undertake placement by considering the applicants priorities, performance (Merit) and the capacities available in each programmes as submitted by the universities .

Only those applicants who meet the minimum requirements for the programmes applied for shall be considered for placement .

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