The current global situation has put a stand-still to many activities all over the world. This includes the education sector since schools are closed in order to protect children from exposure to this deadly virus.

With schools closed and children at home, parents are now fully responsible for their children’s academics. Children are expected to stay at home for a long time and therefore might end up forgetting a lot of stuff that was taught in school. As a parent, you would want your child to continue doing their school work even while staying at home.Here are some tips to make sure this happens;

  1. Enroll them to online classes
  2. Consult their teachers frequently on their academics
  3. Give them frequent assignments
  4. Administer new and exciting ways of learning
  5. Provide more reading materials
  6. Involve them in mind games
  7. Limit their play time
  8. Assist them in areas of weakness
  9. Ensure they have a timetable
  10. Talk to your child


1. Enroll them to online classes
There are several online classes that students can take while at home. Ensure that they attend these online classes especially on the technical subjects. This will make sure that they improve or maintain excellence in their performance.

2. Consult their teachers frequently on their academics
Do not overlook things! Once you observe or feel like something is out of place, ask their teachers and find out what you can do about it. Teachers might know things that you do not know about your child since they spend more time with them at school and basically their second parents. Learn how they teach your child and do that while with them.

3. Give them frequent assignments
Make sure you test your child frequently after a few learning sessions. Give them assignments and let them research on their own. This will allow their thinking capacity and discipline to grow.

4. Administer new and exciting ways of learning.
Learning can get boring sometimes. Ensure that your child is taught in many ways, not just the monotonous and boring way of always listening while you speak. Let them watch you tube videos sometimes. This will increase their interest in school work.

5. Provide more reading materials.
Ensure that your child has enough reading materials for their studies. If not, find a way of getting them more study materials. Whether it is borrowing from a library or even buying, it does not really matter as long as it is enough.

6. Involve them in mind games
Games are really important to children. Mind games in particular allows a child to think critically and fast. This is a skill that is needed in the present evolving world. Do this with your child in order for them not to be left behind.

7. Limit their play time.
Play time is very important. However, too much of something is dangerous and it is the case in play. Make your child understand the limits to everything.

8. Assist them in areas of weakness
Sometimes a child might be troubled in some subjects in class. Find out ways that you, as a parent might be able to help improve and help them grow. This will boost their confidence and trust in themselves.

9. Ensure they have a time table
Time tables are very important to students. This is one way one is able to manage their time well. It also teaches a person to be disciplined and committed.

10. Talk to your child.
Communication is key to most problems in life. Ask your child what their problems are, what they are interested in and what they want most in life. The little things matter and they always make a change. Build your children’s trust in you, so that they may be able to voice out their concerns and troubles at all times.

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