After sitting the final exam in high school, campus is usually the next step in life for many. The thought of joining campus and live a ‘free’ life usually excites many. However, life in campus is quite a roller coaster. One would need a lot of self-guidance and self-belief to be able to overcome the temptations that come their way.

As a freshman, here is a few things you should know about life in campus;

  1. Parents are not around
  2. You are responsible for yourself
  3. Class attendance is not mandatory
  4. A lot of work is done by the student
  5. Studying is the first priority
  6. A lot of content is taught in one unit
  7. Not everyone who teaches is a professor
  8. Budget for everything
  9. There are clubs and societies
  10. Peer pressure is real!


1. Parents are not around
Only a few people are usually lucky enough to join universities close to their home. For most people, school is hundreds of miles away from their parents. At this point, one will have to learn how to live away from their parents since their interaction time will be very limited.

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2. You are responsible for yourself
Responsibility comes with age, the more one grows, a lot is expected from them. Campus is where one learns that there is more to life than just studying. One is faced with different real-life situations that require a lot of decision making. One thing to remember in campus is that the decisions you make can either break you or make you.

3. Class attendance is not mandatory
This is one of the things that excites many high school students to join campus. The thought of attending class when one feels like enthuses many students. However, class attendance is actually very important and is required of all students, even though no one forces you.

4. A lot of work is done by the student
Lecturers only teach the tiniest portion of what you are supposed to know. If you compare how studies work in high school and campus, you will conclude that in high school, students are infact,  being spoon-fed. One has to do a lot of individual research in order to be fully knowledgeable about the course.

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5. Studying is the first priority
As much as there is a lot of freedom in campus, you must remain focused to what took you there in the first place. Do not let yourself wander from your responsibilities.

6. A lot of content is taught in one unit.
In campus, studies is on a whole new level. It requires one to be aggressive and ready to adapt. A lot of stuff is introduced to students over a very short period of time. One is required to master all the content as it is all tested in examinations. At this point, you want to stretch past your limit in order to be at the frontline.

7. Not everyone who teaches is a professor.
Many lecturers are actually students who have graduated from the same university. Most of them usually do teaching as a part time job. Their main aim is to help you grow in your studies to be what you want to be.

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8. Budget for everything.
Since you have to cater for yourself, you might want to save a lot. Parents send you money and it is usually up to you to manage it well. Many students usually waste their money on a lot of unnecessary things and end up taking huge debts.

9. There are clubs and societies.
For those who would like to nurture their talents in campus, there are a lot of clubs and societies that you can choose to join. Games are also available for those who prefer physical things. Here, you are given a platform to showcase your ability, and maybe that is your future.

10. Peer pressure is real!
The peer pressure in high school is nothing compared to what one faces in campus. Many tend to lose themselves in campus as they indulge in various activities that puts both themselves and their future at risk. A lot of self-respect and assertiveness is required to overcome such. Also, remember to love yourself! It will save you from a lot.

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