Examination time is usually a very stressful time for many. It is very normal for students to be anxious at these times. However, what you do not want as a student is to be stressed and unsettled. This might affect your revision, concentration and later, results. In order to achieve the best results, here are some things you might want to do in preparation for your examinations;

  1. Go through your examination timetable
  2. Create a study timetable
  3. Gather study materials
  4. Set study goals
  5. Find old revision papers
  6. Organize study groups
  7. Ask for help
  8. Give yourself enough study time
  9. Take breaks
  10. Eat healthy and stay hydrated

1. Go through your examination timetable.
Once the exam timetable is out, go through it and plan yourself early. Find out the dates when you have examinations for those subjects that give you a challenge. This will prepare your mind for the examinations.

2. Create a study timetable
Write down a timetable of how you will do your studies and make sure to follow it. However, do not exaggerate your study period and ensure that you create a timetable that you can follow.

3. Gather study materials.
This is the time to fully utilize the school library. Go to the library and find the right books for you. Search on the internet if you fail to find them in your area.

4. Set study goals
During every study session, write down your objectives before starting. Ask yourself what you want to achieve by the end of every session. Make sure you achieve these goals since it will show whether or not you are doing thorough revision or not.

5. Find old revision papers.
After studying, test yourself with old exams and find out your scores. You can later revise the areas you had a challenge in. This will give you an idea on how your examinations will be.

6. Organize study groups.
Organize study groups with your classmates and discuss critical areas with them. This is a fun and effective way of studying. Share your ideas and correct each other in the group. Make sure you fully participate in order for you to gain a lot.

7. Ask for help
If you experience any challenges in your revision, find a friend who understands it better and ask for help. Even better, you can consult with your lecturers if you can access them.

8. Give yourself enough study time.
Ensure that your study time is enough for you to cover all the areas you need to study. Cover all the topics to avoid panic during exams.

9. Take breaks
Too much of something is dangerous. Do not press yourself too much. Take frequent breaks and let you mind relax. This might look like a waste of time but it is actually very important and healthy.

10. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.
Make sure you eat well and healthy during exam period. During this time you might want to be strong and avoid any health issues that might affect your performance. In addition, drink a lot of water to keep your brain healthy.



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